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    Fifteen years, Shandong Teng Group sees culture as an important part of the enterprise's core competitiveness , eclectic , seek common ground , and consciously open open minds learn , absorb , integrate the cultural essence of excellence , and completed development of corporate culture and innovation. Meanwhile, the Group focused on cultivating " seeking to develop and realize the value , the cause of patriotic " core values and promote the " patriotic enterprise , learning and innovation , solidarity , tolerance Houde " in a Teng entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and enterprise culture, cohesion scientific enterprise development driving force for building a better one Teng , built on a happy life into the inexhaustible spiritual motivation and cultural support .
Core values: seeking to realize the value of career development to serve the country
" Seeking development ," said here is the development of scientific development . It includes development and human development. Enterprise development is a prerequisite for human development , a Teng Group from a small oil company to develop into an involving chemical , steel , real estate, pharmaceutical and other industries large-scale private enterprise group , rely on scientific development. Scientific development is to adhere to the people -oriented, comprehensive , coordinated and sustainable development , is co-ordinating the harmonious development between man and nature , handle the relationship between resource use, ecological and environmental protection , and promote the development of social civilization road .
" Realize value " , including the realization of personal value and the value of the enterprise . Enterprise value that reflects the business bigger and stronger , to create more value for our society and contribute to a positive force for the social welfare services. Personal fulfillment is to provide enterprise employees in the enterprise platform play to their initiative, play to their creativity, innovation, and create more value for the enterprise , so that their value is fully reflected.
"Cause to serve the country ," the so-called patriotic cause is the business community to create more tax revenue , and actively participate in helping the poor , helping the disabled , disaster relief and other social activities, so that enterprises have become the main body of shared social responsibility , assume share for the country , the responsibility of serving .
A person mentally TENG
Patriotic enterprise : love their country , love their own business, only love enterprises such as home, our business will continue to move forward , our values can be fully reflected. Learning Innovation: by learning to improve innovation , including the management of innovation, innovation , mechanism innovation system also includes innovative ideas , working methods and innovative ideas , etc., is through the process of innovation to improve learning , learning advanced experience of others as I used to , in order to achieve innovation and development. Solidarity : the team both as a whole, it is also composed of multiple individuals , therefore , affect the cohesion and execution of a team is not just stress and work , the more important is the personality of mutual respect among team members , true understanding and magnanimous trust, mutual help , mutual complement station does not defeating, so as to achieve a heart to a thought , an effort to make, and then complete the desired objectives.
Houde tolerance : a person must have TENG tolerance, understanding , acceptance , acceptance, respect, humility , Houde and cardiothoracic open minds . Create a good working relationship , deal with his relationship with employees , employees are anxious to be anxious , want employees to think, respect and care for their employees, only with this spirit , a path of development will increasingly Teng wider, more forthright .
Teng building a better one built on a happy life
Corporate vision is to lead the enterprise common pursuit of all the staff and workers of the enterprise development goals life goals, vision is to achieve corporate responsibility lies , it is the employee creativity , cohesion cohesion .
Group to " build a better one Teng , built on a happy life " as a corporate vision , its purpose is to inspire employees, motivate employees, through employee hands to build a better one Teng happy homes. In this happy home , the workers a sense of security , and housing , to education, medical services . Employees in this family have a sense of ownership , to be here to play their role in building a harmonious , happy homes in . Meanwhile , the enterprise to build a harmonious and happy home , it is necessary to enable employees to share the benefits of building a harmonious enterprise generates , but also share cultural benefits , in order to achieve true harmony and lasting harmony.
" Twelve thousand three hundred forty-eight " management philosophy .
Awards ceremony in 2011 , the Group Chairman滕鸿儒the "one two three four" management philosophy extends further , that the extension is " twelve thousand three hundred forty-eight "
"One" or " people-oriented basis ."
"Two ," two insisted that adhere to independent innovation adhere to scientific development
"Three ," three rely on , rely on the leadership of Party committees and governments at all levels and support , relying on a Teng good team , relying on their development , realize the value of business to serve the country 's core values
" Four principles " that " the principle of human resources ", " market principles ", "production principle ," " the principle of security ."
"Eight of work " that is " standardized management system", " scientific salary system" "on-demand production" and " good innovation" and " win-win cooperation ", " the principle of service " and "production safety ", " information security . "