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Fifteen years of public one TENG
A development path Teng fifteen Teng is a take on a social responsibility , sustainable development of the power structure from the road . Fifteen -year development process, a Teng maximize social welfare , social responsibility as an external binding internal needs of enterprises, social responsibility initiative , continue to contribute to society , " seeking to develop and realize the value , utilities to serve the country , "the core values embodied in an item of public action . Funded the construction of " a Teng way" to improve the villagers travel , paved the villagers ' way to get rich " ; invest in " a Tengxi Hope Primary School " to solve the instrument Yang Li Nanyang , and several other villages in the township of students to school ; 2008 Wenchuan earthquake relief , one TENG mind the overall situation, overcome difficulties , decided turned down more than 5000 million orders , production resettlement board room . Teng also has a solution to nearly a thousand re-employment of laid-off workers , and donated thousands of yuan investment for the public good to make a positive contribution to the urban construction, donated assistant, distress the poor , etc., has been unanimously community praise and become a respectable business.
Like a groupchairman Teng Chang said, " I Teng Group to today, is not a business person , it is already a social enterprise ." Teng in a future course of development, will continue to use more practical action to practice responsibility of an enterprise, with more contributions to social welfare play new strength .