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Shandong Province Science and Technology Department of the Group of Experts to visit the company to inspect and guide the new material
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May 27 , the group of major projects by the provincial Science and Technology Department Office deputy researcher Liang Kai Long row of three composed in Tai'an Municipal Science and Technology Bureau member, deputy researcher Wang , the chief of Taian Technology program before the war and fat city Technology visit the company guidance of new materials , accompanied by Bureau of the person in charge . Chairman and general manager and relevant departments attended the meeting and was accompanied by the production site .
The Provincial Science and Technology Department to inspect and guide the work of the expert group to visit the company , mainly on the company linters sublimation reuse preparing high degree of substitution of the cellulose ether industrial projects line research. QC Leader Company debut slide by the Group of Experts presented by the basic situation of enterprises , high-substituted cellulose ether industry project overview, the role and the company's research and development center, R & D capabilities , R & D team situation and on the implementation of major projects content and investment and development status and trends at home and abroad for a simple report . Report noted that the use of recycled cotton linters biochemical preparing high degree of substitution of cellulose ether , DS replace high , temperature , salt , high salinity . Is mainly used in drilling mud drilling , mud consider lowering vector effects. Develop cellulose ether projects, not only in line with the national industrial development policies and industry to meet the growing domestic demand , and can shorten the tea industry of cellulose ether and advanced countries to increase the income of farmers , high added value , thus promote the development of the national economy.
Chairman report to the panel said , the company as a National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises , high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province, Shandong Province Patent Star Enterprise , will always adhere to independent innovation , technological development, continuing the high-tech cellulose ethers field of innovation for the development of the national high-tech industry to make greater contribution.
After the report , the group visited the company to open the cotton plant, cotton linters real estate looked for this agricultural waste recycling companies, while Group also view the company's sewage treatment plant.
After the visit , the Provincial Science and Technology Department of the Group of Experts on the company 's new materials recycling linters biochemical preparing high degree of substitution of the cellulose ether gave full affirmation and recognition of the project , and the company invested in environmental protection , spoke highly of hope that the company continues to innovate production Gakken new model combines timely and comprehensive access to valuable information on various aspects , targeting national goals , planning ahead , for major science and technology projects for the sustainable development of enterprises and technology research and development of potential savings , thereby expanding market influence enterprises. ( Newspaper )