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A New Materials Co., Ltd. Teng product quality topics will be held
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WASHINGTON : October 2 , a New Material Co. Teng held a special meeting in the company's product quality, first floor conference room. Summarize the main conference on Sept. product quality , the product of the workshop on September quality appraisals . Chairman and general manager Tenghong Ru , deputy general manager of the company Teng Kun and production systems with more than squad officers attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Director of the Company SOCIETY FOR .
The meeting will begin by the company responsible for the product quality QC overall were reported in September , the report mentioned can be seen in September , under the correct leadership of the company's hard work and units , the company workshop stable product quality there liter , the product of the basic indicators have reached the quality requirements , and achieved remarkable results . Significantly improve staff quality consciousness , to further standardize the process quality management , quality awareness has greatly improved my hands . Reporting is also based on the level of product quality indicators were ranked for each unit . Is the first company to obtain a workshop Song strong team .
After the mass notification is completed, Deputy General Manager李金梁and old factory production manager许兴军were steady on Sept. measures to improve the quality of products and methods adopted are summarized , in general , mainly from the sources of corruption , mentioning consciousness , refined operation, learn , diligence exchange several aspects , to ensure the quality of raw materials , improve staff quality consciousness , careful operation, strict process , through a multi- learning, communication and gradually improve the quality of the product.
After hearing the report , chairman of the company on September first quality achievements fully recognized and affirmed , and to the future stability of product quality, improve product quality to make four points: First, to responsibility to the people . To effectively improve company-wide awareness of the quality of products , to fully understand the product quality is the life , all the staff should contact their own interests to think about how to ensure the quality of products , to enhance the sense of responsibility , and strengthen the sense of responsibility . Leading cadres at all levels of the company , managers should earnestly perform their duties , must always bear in mind the operator line quality in my hands , to be a strong sense of responsibility to make efforts to improve product quality ; Second, careful operation . Strengthening operations training to improve skills , optimize operating parameters , unified operation ideas. Sum of the operational processes to explore learning in order to improve the operational level , a great foundation for the stability of product quality ; Third, rewards and punishment . Quality inspection departments to develop practical measures to reward and punishment , the prize awards, punishable penalty , to ensure measures are in place , encouraging the workers to form a " super- rush help than the school ," the good atmosphere ; Fourth, the process closely . Production process to strengthen quality control processes , strict quality inspection, reduce quality fluctuations. Failure of the product to adhere to solving process within the company , must not be sent to the user.
At the meeting, but also on the progress of construction stone cross the park office and workshop equipment installation work scheduling .