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A New Materials Co., Ltd. Teng working actively involved ChuangWei
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WASHINGTON: Currently, feicheng down is actively involved in the creation of national health city activities with the outside world to adapt to the situation in a large, one TENG New Materials Co., are also active in this activity.
The company also attaches great importance to the work, the company chairman Tenghong Ru concentrating on special arrangements related to the leadership of this work, and called on all cadres and workers to actively support the work of health town, providing favorable conditions for ChuangWei work. The company also adopted a special meeting, banners, etc., to strengthen the campaign trail; and strengthen the production area and living area of environmental health management. In order to better promote "health town," participation "health town", the company will continue to strengthen propaganda and strengthen management. Also called on the workers to actively participate in the "health town", and create a national health city contribute to a force to fat city.